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Cocoa Butter Soap

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Cocoa butter holds the secret to eternal youth, as it is rich in polyphenols, natural pigments with antioxidant activity. Mixed with virgin olive oil, it nourishes and provides a creamy cream that pampers skin that suffers from dryness. As if that were not enough, it is also a powerful weapon against free radicals, regenerating it and leaving it soft and flexible. This sweet-smelling soap makes you want to take a bite!

Ingredients: O lea europaea fruit oil, theobroma cacao seed butter**, sodium hydroxide, aqua, eugeniol*,(**)B-caryphyllene* (**) , benzyl benzoate* (**) , linalool* (**) .

*They appear naturally in essential oils.

**Origin Bio - Ecological.

Recommended for: Body.
Natural body soaps for sensitive skin

100 grams
(Price/Kg €120.00)

Cocoa butter properties

Cocoa butter has properties against skin aging. In addition, it has anti-inflammatory, nutritious properties and is rich in antioxidant substances. It has moisturizing and emollient properties. It also has the property of regenerating the hair fiber, leaving it soft and flexible. Rich in polyphenols, natural pigments with antioxidant activity. Cocoa butter also prevents cell aging, eliminating free radicals, so it can be used in formulas to rejuvenate or slow skin aging.