natural details for weddings and events
We prepare personalized soaps by hand in our store/workshop in Santiuste de Pedraza, Segovia.


There is no more special day for a couple than their wedding, a unique occasion for which Los Jabones de Mi Mujer offers a unique and special detail for the guests. A different memory, a natural touch and a gift that everyone will remember.

We are pleased to offer you a soap carefully wrapped in pearlescent tissue paper bound with natural raffia, adorned with a delicate cantueso flower. Each soap is personalized with link details on a custom label.

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soap detail for wedding
Our custom soaps are made and wrapped by hand.
soaps for gifts and events
Personalized individual natural soaps.


natural soaps for wedding details
Environmentally friendly packaging, plastic free.


Gifts for company



Personalize our gift presentations for business or thank you gifts.

We make customizations for awards, thanks, details and gifts for numerous companies that wanted to distinguish themselves when giving gifts.

We have a design studio that creates label designs for personalized soaps to ensure we get a proposal that fits each occasion.

For more information or a quote you can call us:

Telephone: (+34) 921 50 64 50