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Tienda taller Los Jabones de Mi Mujer


Amelia ties her apron. Here, among botanical books, glass jars and a lot of love for nature, Amelia carefully creates creamy foam soaps that gently cleanse the most sensitive skin.

In the workshop of this enterprising woman, life in the countryside inspires all her creations. Soaps are stacked on charming wooden shelves waiting to be chosen by her for the incoming visitor: rosemary, if you have oily skin; carrot, if you suffer from dermatitis; of aloe vera, in the case of stretch marks.

The Sierra de Guadarrama is an area of ​​Segovia that offers a variety of cultural and gastronomic activities. Each time of the year offers different possibilities for nature lovers who can enjoy discovering the local flora and fauna. Lovers of the Romanesque can find jewels scattered throughout the Segovian geography. There is an exceptional hotel offer to accommodate travelers of all tastes and budgets.

Our store in Segovia is a charming space open to anyone who wants to visit. We are proud to be part of the artisan and cultural fabric of the area. We invite you to visit us to be able to share our universe.


Cinnamon in a glass jar, soaps on a green plate, wooden boxes of soaps on a table


Looking forward to your visit during the following hours:

Tuesday to Sunday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Holidays from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Weekdays: By appointment. Phone: 921 50 64 50,
(Due to production, during the week we request an appointment. )


c/ Esperanza
Santiuste de Pedraza, La Mata neighborhood
40171 Segovia

GPS: 41.092022252187135, -3.8793967331670887
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