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Lavender Soap

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An exquisite spring-scented soap that nourishes, relaxes and aromatizes. Being made with cocoa butter, it exerts an effective antioxidant action. Its delicate aroma of lavender flowers relaxes our senses. Moisturizes and nourishes even the most delicate skin. It is also useful as a repellent*.

Ingredients: O lea europaea fruit oil, aqua, theobroma cacao seed butter*, sodium hydroxyde, helianthus annuus seed oil, lavandula angustifolia flower extract, Linalol*, geraniol*, borneol*, eucalyptol*, linalool acetate*, alphapinene*, limonene *, gerinyl acetate*, terpineol*, lavandulol*, nerol*.

*They appear naturally in essential oils.

**Origin Bio - Ecological.

Recommended for: Face , body and hair.
Natural soaps for sensitive skin Natural body soaps for sensitive skin Natural soaps for sensitive skin hair

100 grams 
(Price/Kg €140.00)

Lavender properties

It contains relaxing, hypotensive, anti-infectious and bactericidal properties. On the skin it is antiseptic, controls the production of fat and stimulates circulation. In the past I know that it was burned in cemeteries, hospitals and churches for its antiseptic properties. Useful to treat insect bites and as a repellent.