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Argan Soap

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The Berbers base many of their healing remedies on the amazing ability of argan oil to stop tissue degeneration. This "liquid gold", with three times more vitamin E than olive oil, prevents aging and stretch marks. It is also effective as a shampoo for very curly hair.

Ingredients: O lea europaea fruit oil, aqua, sodium hydroxide, aloe barbadensis leaf juice**, argania spinosa kernel oil**, rosa canina seed powder, melaleuca alternifolia leaf**, Terpineol*(**).

*They appear naturally in essential oils.

**Origin Bio - Ecological.

Recommended for: Face, body and hair.
Natural soaps for sensitive skin Natural body soaps for sensitive skin Natural soaps for sensitive skin hair

100 grams
(Price/kg €160.00)

Argan oil properties

The liquid gold of Morocco. For centuries, the Berber tribes of southwestern Morocco have turned to argan oil as a basic component of their diet and as an element of traditional medicine. It contains large amounts of tocopherols (vitamin E) almost three times more than olive oil. It is appreciated for its anti-aging effect due to the large amount of antioxidants and its healing powers. It also has antiseptic and fungicidal effects. The best known virtue is its ability to stop tissue degeneration, regenerate the cell and as an anti-wrinkle. Argan oil is composed of essential fatty acids and is recommended for sensitive and problem skin.