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Olive Bowl Shaving Soap

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Olive wood bowl containing a natural creamy shaving soap.* The soap is made with natural ingredients and is gentle on the skin. The olive bowl is a great option for those looking for reusable and environmentally friendly packaging.

*Shaving brush not included

Enjoy a smooth and natural shave with our handcrafted beeswax soap. Formulated with natural ingredients, our shaving soap is a natural and healthy alternative to commercial products. Beeswax provides a protective layer that helps prevent cuts and scrapes, while essential oils add a natural, relaxing fragrance. Each soap is presented in a handmade olive wood bowl, making it a unique and beautiful piece. Add our Natural Olive Wood Bowl Shaving Soap to your daily self-care routine!

Choose between the Olive and aloe vera soap or the Carrot and neroli soap.

Soap weight: 200 grams