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Natural Loofah Sponge

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100% natural square loofah sponge for wet and dry exfoliation.

  • Measures approx. 12x12cm
  • Biodegradable grown with respect for nature.
  • Soft fiber sponge specifically for very sensitive skin
  • Durability of the sponge is 4-6 months depending on use.
  • For better conservation, after use, let it dry completely.

Luffa (also known as loofah or sponge gourd) is a climbing plant that belongs to the cucurbit family, just like melon and gourd. The most commonly cultivated species is the Luffa aegyptiaca , native to Asia and Africa.

The luffa is known for its fruit, which is elongated and cylindrical, and can grow up to a meter in length. When the fruit is ripe, its skin turns brown and hard, and inside is a fibrous sponge that is commonly used to cleanse and exfoliate the skin in personal care products.

Sustainable product: Luffa is a fast-growing and easy-to-grow plant, making it a sustainable alternative to synthetic sponges and other cleaning products made from non-renewable materials.