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Olive Nail Brush

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Handmade nail brush in Spain with recovered olive wood, designed with 100% natural, vegan and compostable tampico vegetable fiber. Its ergonomic and rounded design allows comfortable and easy use. In addition to being functional, this solid wood nail brush is a natural decorative element for the bathroom.

Approximate size: 75 x 45 x 20mm

Olive wood : This nail brush has a special feature: it is made with olive wood, the emblematic tree of the Mediterranean from which the precious olive oil is extracted. Regular pruning of the olive trees favors their production and also allows us to use the excess wood to create a unique pattern on each brush. Thus, you will not only take care of your nails in a natural way, but you will also have a decorative and sustainable object in your bathroom.

Filament material: Tampico . For 100% vegan brush options, tampico fibers are ideal. They are stiff for effective exfoliation and can be slightly softened in the shower for a more gentle treatment.

By choosing this product, you are opting for an ecological alternative to plastic nail brushes, taking care not only of your hands, but also of the environment.