The best mask for very dry and sensitive skin

By Amelia Perez

As I have told you in previous posts , I like to clean my skin with natural products. Our skin absorbs everything we apply to ourselves, which is why it is important to nourish it with the best ingredients, just as we should do with our daily diet.

Next, I will tell you how to prepare a homemade green tea moisturizing mask for very dry and sensitive skin.

Ingredients to make a homemade green tea moisturizing mask

Matcha green tea powder.

Homemade green tea moisturizing mask.


  • Powdered Green Tea – Contains antioxidant and antibacterial properties; It is a good component to moisturize and provide natural shine to the skin. It can be found in specialty stores and some department stores.

Green tea is a powerful antioxidant, it contains vitamins C and E that maintain the elasticity and natural glow of the skin.

Natural honey for the preparation of a natural moisturizing mask

Honey moisturizes, revitalizes dry and aging skin.

  • Honey : as you know, honey is my weakness, I take it every day to sweeten my teas or coffees and I always look for the best quality honey. Honey not only helps to moisturize the skin but also nourishes and cleanses it deeply. If it is a dense honey, it can serve as a natural exfoliant.

Honey is antibacterial and balances the production of sebum or oil in the skin. It's exfoliating, soothing, anti-inflammatory and reduces acne.

In this case I apply the mask with a soft brush . It can be applied using the fingers. Having a damp cloth prepared helps us to clean any drop that may get lost in the application process.

Preparation of two ingredients.

  • Place 2 tablespoons of honey in a bowl.
  • Next, 2 teaspoons of matcha tea.
  • Mix until a homogeneous and well emulsified paste is formed.
  • A teaspoon of warm water in case the mixture is very dense (this will depend on the density of the honey).

The mixture should form a compact and well emulsified paste. On these cool autumn days, it is possible that the honey needs to be heated in a bain-marie so that its texture is more liquid and thus facilitates its emulsion with the green tea.

Green tea and honey natural mask

The mixture should form a homogeneous and well emulsified paste.


Apply the mixture to a clean face with a soft brush and leave it on for 10 minutes. If your skin is very needy, leave the mask on for up to 15 minutes. While you wait, close your eyes and enjoy the natural aroma of green tea and honey.

Homemade natural mask of green tea and honey

Apply the mixture with a soft brush or with your fingers

Remove with plenty of lukewarm water.

Next, wash with natural green tea soap, gently massaging in circular motions. If a green tea soap is not available, try to use a nourishing natural soap to avoid drying out the skin again.

The result is luminous and well-nourished skin. It can be repeated as many times as you want. I recommend repeating your application when you feel tight or dry skin. Once every 15 days is enough.

Natural green tea soap my wife's soaps

We recommend:

natural green tea soap
Green Tea Soap

In oriental culture, tea is an element of nature widely used to eliminate toxins. The exotic combination of green tea oil, white tea extract and green tea powder in this soap make it a luxurious bath time. It is very moisturizing, so it is ideal for sensitive skin. It has a very fresh and delicate perfume.


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