It's time to take care of ourselves

By Amelia Perez

Since I can remember, an event similar to the one we have been facing for a few weeks has not occurred to me. These days, from my elaboration workshop, from my house, I have asked myself how I could contribute to serenity, to improve the lives of the people who read this blog from the confinement at home. I feel that, more than ever, we are all obliged to share knowledge, to take responsibility as individuals in a society frightened by the uncertainty of this pandemic that we are experiencing. An opportunity for reflection, for solidarity, to stop and pay attention to those things and gestures that so often go unnoticed, considering them small and insignificant.

Natural facial cleansing

Let's make the most of this opportunity to enjoy our home.

conscious rituals

Now that we have a truce, now is the opportunity. How many times have we said, "If I had time to be at home I would..."?

That moment may have arrived today, time to take care of yourself and dedicate yourself. Only from there will we be able to help others. Using that additional time that we normally don't have, time that the endless queue at the supermarket steals from us, the traffic on the way home, picking up the children from school, and other tasks that arise every day and greatly limit the disposition of our time.

Here is a ritual that I really like and that can be done daily without leaving home:

Face cleansing with chamomile and olive oil

With a few drops of organic infusion of chamomile and extra virgin olive oil we make a homemade and refreshing face cleanser.

After a long day at work, I like to come home, change, get comfortable, and remove any traces of makeup from my skin. I make a concentrated organic chamomile and, once it has cooled, I apply it with a make-up remover cotton. Next, on the same cotton, I put a few drops of extra virgin olive oil (I have very dry and sensitive skin) and very gently I begin to remove the remains of mascara and eye shadow. This ritual leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean. Organic chamomile can be used for a maximum of two or three days. After calmly and carefully cleaning my entire face, I wash my face with rosehip soap .

I do this ritual with all possible awareness, focused on each gesture, slowly, feeling the moment.

I would love to know if you have tried it and hear about the results, your experience and your own tips or tricks!

Homemade recipe for facial cleansing

An oil for each skin type

In this cleanse with chamomile and oil it is important that each one of us choose the right oil for her skin type.

As I mentioned before, I use extra virgin olive oil for my chamomile cleanse because I have very, very dry skin and it doesn't clog my pore. Below I classify the comedogenic and non-comedogenic oils so you can find the one that suits you best.

The term comedogenic refers to a product that produces blemishes known as blackheads. The texture that does not clog the pores of the skin is known as non-comedogenic.

Comedogenic oils can clog pores . When they are clogged, it is easier for acne to appear, since the bacteria grow in the follicle and lead to inflammation or obstruction of the pore. For this reason it is not suitable for oily skin.

Oils for dry skin

· Extra virgin olive oil.
· Sweet almond oil.
Wheat germ oil
· Rosehip oil.
· Argan oil.

    oils for oily skin

    · Jojoba oil.
    · Rosehip oil.
    · Grape seed oil.
    · Sunflower oil.
    · Argan oil.
    · Sweet almond oil.
    · Calendula oil.

      Rosehip, argan and sweet almond oils are suitable for all skin types.

      Recommended soaps

      Carrot, calendula , and rosehip soaps They are formulated to keep our face clean and bright. They are very nutritious soaps that we recommend for extremely sensitive and dry skin .

      The rosemary , olive, aloe vera , calendula , lavender and argan soaps contain regulating ingredients, which we recommend for oilier skin .


      We are aware of our elders

      These days the group of older people is especially sensitive to the threat of COVID-19. Although experience and responsibility may hide strength on the outside, inside we are all people and we all like someone to watch over us. I encourage you to call someone older; our parents or grandparents, the parents or grandparents of a friend, a neighbor or neighbor, etc. Just asking "How are you? Are you okay?" makes a world of difference!



      Hola acabo de comprar unos jabones.
      Mi pelo es graso y me dura poco,por lo que veo primero debo lavarlo con agua tibia y bicarbonato, impregnar toda la cabeza con ello,pero lo aclaro o me lavo directamente con el jabón de Romero??.


      Como soy una seguidora tuya, tanto de tus jabones como de tus consejos. Me he apresurado a poner en práctica el recomendación para la limpieza de la cara. No me has defraudado. Ha sido relajante y mi rostro me ha quedado perfectamente limpio al terminar con tu jabón de lavanda que es el que ahora está en mi lavabo. Gracias por tus consejos.

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