By Amelia Perez

After the long days of confinement, I am preparing to open our little store. I am so grateful for the orders that have been placed online during the time we have been closed to the public, but I am flesh and blood and I miss serving you in person. I must admit that it had been almost 16 years since I had broken my usual routine of opening to the public on Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning. I love my job and I feel privileged whenever clients come from everywhere interested in learning about my creations.

Jofaina at the entrance, ready for the reopening of the Los Jabones de Mi Mujer store in Santiuste de Pedraza, Segovia.

The old basin and basin take center stage in our store.

Hearing the bell and approaching the door to open it is a moment of expectation. In addition, on these dates, I must be especially attentive since I spend a lot of time in the garden. When I open the door, I almost always find new smiles, other times I get a surprise with a regular customer, and a surprise visit from friends. Once inside, I try to make the visitor feel comfortable in the space that I have filled with affection. I keep the face of all those who visit me, although I cannot say the same about the names.

I have come to close an hour later without realizing how well I was having.

The fact that we are in a rural environment acts as a filter and I share similar tastes with clients, natural cosmetics, nature, the countryside, healthy food... to name a few. The purchase usually leads to a conversation. We talk about country life or share experiences or stories. I have come to close an hour later without realizing how well I was having.

Detail of old washbasin and basin prepared for the use of customers who visit the store.

The option we offer our customers compared to hand gel. .


I laugh when I remember some anecdotes like the one about a client who asked me for “soap for the barcode”, pointing out the wrinkles on her upper lip. Until then I had not heard the term. I also remember a boy who had gotten to know us because he went off course in a paraglider and landed near the workshop, saw our sign and took a gift to soften the certain anger with which his girlfriend was waiting for him. Or the client who wrote to me from Copenhagen to explain that a dog had followed them on their walk from the store to Pedraza, the same dog that had been looking for a neighbor the week before. I have been given many tips, such as planting a rosemary to the right of the front door to ward off evil spirits. For some, we are part of their experience visiting the area, they arrive relaxed and wanting to soak up the information and I love telling them what they can find in the area and, above all, where they can eat well.

Amelia prepares the soap shop for customer visits during the reopening in phase 1 of the de-escalation.

Preparing the store with my handmade mask by @tengotela.

While Saturday arrives, I give the usual review to the store, cleaning, placing and decorating. Vases filled with wild flowers of all colors. The old basin and basin take center stage in our store, welcoming visitors with a pleasant hand cleansing with our natural soaps, the option we offer over hand gel.

I hope you are feeling very well and wanting to go out and explore the wonderful paths that nature gives us these days. Here I look forward to sharing and creating new memories.


Saturdays from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Sundays and Holidays from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Weekdays: By appointment. Tel: 921 50 64 50, (Due to production, during the week we request an appointment.)

c/ Hope 2
Santiuste de Pedraza, La Mata neighborhood
40171 Segovia, Spain


Pedacitos de Mery

Hola Amelia, que ganas tengo de ir a verte a tu preciosa tienda y conocerte en persona.
Ojalá nos veamos pronto. Un besito


¡Me alegra que vuelvas a abrir tu tienda y las personas puedan disfrutar de ese entorno en el que te encuentras , es como un lugar mágico de olores , flores y cosas maravillosas , y buenos consejos ¡ todos con la sabiduría de lo sencillo y de la naturaleza. Te deseo lo mejor un abrazo

María Jesús

Amelia, me alegro mucho de verte preparar la tienda con tanto mimo e ilusión…Un abrazo desde Ponferrada…

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