Clean and cared for hands with moisturizing soaps

By Amelia Perez

Never before has the cleaning of our hands been such an essential issue, and together with it the use of soap for proper hygiene . All the protocols dictated by the health authorities for protection against the coronavirus dictate several daily hand washings to protect ourselves from contagion.

These daily actions, undoubtedly necessary, lead to deterioration of the skin of the hands, with different disorders, the most important being dryness, an aspect on which we are receiving many of your queries. The use of detergents or aggressive bactericidal products combined with these new hygienic habits are wreaking havoc on our skin.

Natural soaps for hydrated hands The use of a quality natural soap attenuates the dryness of the skin.

Dry hands, what is the best solution?

Healthy skin cells live with oils and other substances that keep skin moist . When those substances are lost, skin cells can break down, leading to a dry dermis. Against this disorder there is only one solution: hydrate, hydrate and hydrate . Even if we can moisturize while we wash, even better.

As I always tell in the workshop, I have very sensitive skin and it reacts strongly to chemical products. I notice it quickly when I do the dishes without gloves. When this happens, when I finish, I wash my hands with one of the following soaps: olive with aloe vera , rosemary , lavender , shea , cocoa , or beeswax . It works like a cream, it leaves my skin very nourished and pleasantly soft, and it smells wonderful. I always keep it handy in a well-draining soap dish, right next to the sink, so that not a second goes by without washing my hands again.

For a good hand washing, it is important to remove all rings. These must be cleaned separately.

remove rings when washing hands to ensure proper washing

I combine the soaps among them, but the one that is never lacking in that soap dish is the argan soap, since being an exfoliant it skilfully removes dirt from the skin, leaving it clean and soft.

All our soaps are made with oil, butter and beeswax extracted using natural methods. By not introducing concealers, detergents, or chemical emulsifiers, our soap is very nutritious and creamy.

Soap dish to store natural soaps Los Jabones de Mi MujerSoap dish to store natural soaps Los Jabones de Mi Mujer

Using a soap dish with river stones at the bottom helps extend the life of our natural soaps.

Conservation advice

Mi Mujer's Soaps are made with natural oils and butters free of emulsifiers and chemical preservatives, so if you know them you will know that these soaps emulsify in a creamier way. We suggest that, after use, you keep them in a ventilated place in a container that acts as a strainer, allowing the remains of water to drain. One trick is to use a soap dish with some river stones at the bottom.

Natural and moisturizing soaps for dry hands

Hand care recommendations

For hand washing we recommend the following soaps:


Will I miss the quarantine?

Other than movement restrictions, not much has changed around here, the pace remains the same. In the last forty days I don't remember the times that I have been told " don't know how lucky you are to live where you live...". I am aware of how lucky I am since I made the decision to make my life in a rural environment. Somehow I feel that society has slowed down to accompany me, that it understands me a little more.

With a view to the world returning to "normal" soon, I hope that this feeling will endure and manifest itself in the times to come.



Gracias María. 😉 Si, muchos clientes me piden que se las venda. 🤔


Genial todo el texto. Pero el “truco” de las piedras, es muy bueno!!! Besiños

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