candle care

By Amelia Perez

I live in love with natural fragrances. Like lighting or temperature, the sense of smell plays an important role in the perception of our surroundings. The aromas act as ephemeral borders capable of affecting our emotional, mental or physical state. Orange blossom is my native Córdoba in spring, burning stubble is the Segovian countryside in winter and cinnamon and vanilla is Christmas for me.

Once upon a time, candles were a part of our daily lives. Faithful companions of the night, less than two centuries ago their presence has faded. Of essential tools, today they are limited to assuming a symbolic and decorative role but are still close at hand in the most important moments of our lives.

Candle care. My wife's soaps

A good wing is also an investment that we must take care of to get more hours of performance.

A good candle is one made with care, composed of aromas and natural components; Soy wax, essential oils of orange, cinnamon and vanilla. Wooden or natural waxed cotton wick. Lead free does not emit soot or smoke . They do not harm the environment and do not increase CO2 levels.

To get the best experience from your sail, keep the following in mind:

Some recommendations

The first time we light the candle, we let it burn until the entire wax surface melts to the edge of the glass; for our candle, this can take from half an hour to an hour or so. This way we will achieve uniform combustion and prevent a "hole" from forming in the center.

    lighting a natural candle

    To ignite a long match or long lighter is recommended to easily reach the wick.

    Wax has "memory", for this reason it should not be quenched before the surface layer has melted , thus avoiding unburned and wasted wax edges.

      Avoid burning the candle in places with current , we will extend the life of our candle.

        Remove the flower from the previous burn of our candle.

        Remove any "bloom" left behind by the previous burn. In the case of our candle, the wick is natural and can be removed by giving a light touch with your finger and it will come off easily. Clean the surface using a soft brush.

        Some tips for caring for a candle
        Some tips to take care of our natural candle

        The "flower" is the charred wick from the previous burning of the candle.

        Make sure your candle is placed on a heat resistant surface.

        Cover the candle when not in use to prevent wick debris, dust, or other materials from accumulating on the wax surface. We will also preserve its aroma.

            The correct way to blow out a candle

            The candle must be extinguished by covering it with its lid. We must wait until the candle is cold to screw the lid.

            To ensure safety and longevity, be sure to check the bottom of your candle for additional instructions.

            To take advantage of the glass jar once your candle has been consumed, remove the remaining natural wax with hot water and use a scouring pad to ensure that the jar is left clean. If you prefer, you can bring the jar to the store and we will discount the price of a new candle.

            Natural candle care

            Our recommendation

            Fill your home with aromas of orange, cinnamon and vanilla, with our natural winter candle. Soy Candle, 200 grs. Handmade with traditional techniques, it gives off a subtle, soft, harmonious and long-lasting aroma.

            Duration : 40 hours.


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