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Scent of Winter Candle

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Fill your home with aromas of orange, cinnamon and vanilla, with our natural winter candle. Soy Candle, 200 grs. Handmade with traditional techniques, it gives off a subtle, soft, harmonious and long-lasting aroma.

It comes in a carved purple glass jar, with a lid, for later reuse. Wrapped in kraft paper, tied with twine and sealed.

Aroma: Orange, cinnamon and vanilla.

Recommendations for use: Turn on for half an hour daily to perfume your home. Always place the candle on heat resistant surfaces.
Use it away from curtains, fans and air ducts.
Always keep it on in an upright position.
Let it cool down before using it again.
Keep the wax free of residue.
Keep out of reach of children and pets.

Turn it off before the wax is consumed.

Composition: Hydrogenated soybean oil , limonene, eugeniol, vanilla. Wooden or natural waxed cotton wick. Lead free does not emit soot or smoke. They do not harm the environment and do not increase CO2 levels.

Duration : 40 hours.