Long live the bar of soap

By Amelia Perez

For a lover of natural soaps there is no more pleasant moment than opening a new bar. Unwrap it to release its aroma and be able to enjoy its texture. But you have to be aware that there comes a time in the life of all natural soap when it becomes too small and is more uncomfortable to use.

A long time ago a loyal client told me that she had several traces of pills accumulated in her soap dish. "I wish I could take advantage of every one of them." He would say to me, "What do you recommend I do with them?" Well, then I am going to give you some tips to give our natural soaps a second life. A hot process that can be done easily at home. A great plan to do with children without the risk of contact with harmful ingredients.*

How to give a second life to our natural artisan soaps

The life stages of our natural soap.

How to take advantage of 100% natural soaps and give them a new life.

Method 1:

What are we going to need:

  1. Remains of natural soap.
  2. A saucepan to heat.
  3. A kitchen or fire.
  4. A knife or cheese grater.
  5. Water.
  6. A spatula.
  7. Molds.
  8. A weight.
  9. Blender (optional).

The utensils that we will need.

Once we have prepared the utensils, we begin the process.

Before starting, it is important to have the aforementioned utensils ready and some molds that adjust to the amount of soap that we are going to use. If you don't have a professional mould, you can use matchboxes or any similar cardboard box sized to accommodate the final amount of soap. We can only guarantee the operation of this process with Los Jabones de Mi Mujer, we do not know if they apply to soaps with other compositions.

We rinse the small pieces of soap well to avoid containing traces of hair or dirt. If we have 100 gr. of soap, we add 100 g. of water, it can be tap, distilled water or a hydrosol (obtained by distillation) from plants. Keep in mind that 100 gr. It is the approximate equivalent of a new bar of soap.

Grate the soap as if it were cheese.Grating natural soap to give it a second life

Our natural soap is smooth and creamy and grates like cheese.

Next, we grate with a cheese grater or cut the remains of the soaps with a knife, leaving pieces as small as possible, similar to the size of a lentil. Different types of soap can be mixed, the color or aroma is indifferent.

We weigh equal parts soap and water. (example 200 gr. of soap for 200 gr. of water).

Grated natural soap. Long live natural soap.

Pour the grated soap shavings into the saucepan.

Put the soap and water in a saucepan over low heat so that it dissolves and the soap emulsifies with the water. This can take 15-20 minutes without continuing to stir.

To speed up the emulsifying process, you can beat the mixture with a mixer before putting the saucepan on low heat.

Second life to our natural soaps.Long live natural soap

Add the water to the saucepan over low heat and begin to stir.

When it is thickening, remove the saucepan from the heat and continue stirring the mixture for 5 more minutes, at this point we will add a few drops of the essential oil to our liking, to give a little aroma to the new tablet, and integrate it, stirring well.

Next, we pour the mixture into the molds. In one or two days you can remove the tablet from the mold and let it dry in a ventilated place covered with a clean cloth. At this point you can add fresh roses or any embellishment you see fit.

How to give a second life to the remains of natural soapsHow to give a second life to our natural soap

Carefully pour the mixture into the mold with the help of the spatula.


After a week, check that the soap is hard by pressing with your fingers. If so, you can now use your new pill.

recycled natural soaps

The result of our process.

Method 2:

Join the rest of the fine tablet with a new tablet of the same type and leave to dry together until the next day.

With these gestures we make the most of our natural soap bars. I recommend keeping the bits of soap in a container until you accumulate a minimum of 200 gr.

For me it is a great satisfaction to be able to take advantage of things, and if the result is a success, even more so. I would love to know if these recommendations have worked for you and to hear about your results.


*This is not a soap making course but a recommendation to take advantage of the remains of our natural soaps.



Que buena idea!! Siempre he acumulado los restos y me negaba a tirarlos pero no sabía cómo reutilizarlo. Muchas gracias por tu publicación!!🌷🙏🌷

María Carmen Pérez Jiménez

Gracias por tu sugerencia me encanta hacer jabón y cremas naturales. Mi piel también es atópica


Me ha encantado!! Lo pondré en práctica!! Siempre hay que reciclar y más éstos jabones tan deliciosos!!
Muchas gracias Amelia ❤

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