Los Jabones de Mi Mujer - Natural Luxury Bath Soap

Slow, cold process

Proud makers of premium traditional hand made cosmetics.

Los Jabones de Mi Mujer are made with special care using cold process, keeping the properties of the raw materials used completely intact. Our laboratory controls and monitors all batches and all products are hand cut and hand packed. Thus we can offer a select product.

We only use quality ingredients from cold extractions. The extra virgin olive oil from a mill in the province of Córdoba, Spain is the basis of our production. A green oil with an exquisite flavor and a very high level of tocopherols, responsible for protecting our skin. We emphasize the fact that we only use olive oil in our process without introducing glycerins and completely avoiding and palm and coconut oils. We only enrich with the vegetable butters and natural oils listed here.

Click here to see a complete list of ingredients we use in our production.

Ingredients we avoid:
Glycerin, tetrasodium, palm oil, coconut oil, alcohols, glycols, parabens, paraffins…. Click here to see a list of ingredients we avoid

When using our products, you are contributing to environmental protection. Our process does not generate waste or noxious fumes. Using our soaps cleans and enriches your skin sending uncontaminated water down your drain.

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